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Privacy & Security

Do you sell my data and information to advertisers?

Unlike most digital platforms, CircleIt does not share your data or information with advertisers or any other third party. We collect information solely to improve the performance of the generational platform for you and your loved ones.

How do I know my data is securely stored?

CircleIt went to great lengths to build our security infrastructure before even releasing our app to the public. Our military grade encryption ensures that all member data is safely protected to the highest degree.

Who can see my profile?

Only the people you choose to connect with can view your profile. CircleIt is NOT a social media tool. We are a generational platform built to connect you and your loved ones across time.

Who can see my child’s profile?

Much like your profile, your Child’s Account is limited to those you select. This ensures that you can safely and privately share photos, videos and more through the Child Account.

Who can chat or send cards and gifts to me?

Any family member or friend you have invited to join your circle can send you cards or gifts. These are the only people that can communicate with you on CircleIt.

Who can chat or send gifts to my child?

When you invite family and friends to access a Child Account, that family member or friend can send cards and gifts to the Child Account. These will not unlock for the child until the dates specified by the sender, and will only be seen by your child when you enable them to use their CircleIt account.

What are my rights in regards to my data shared with CircleIt?

CircleIt believes that your data belongs to you. If you ever want to remove the data from our system or request your data be sent to you, please contact us directly at [email protected] and we will help export it to you. Please include the email address and phone number you used to create your CircleIt account.

How do I block/unblock someone from contacting me?

Currently, you cannot block someone – but you can remove them from CircleIt by deleting their name in your contacts list. You can delete a contact in CircleIt by swiping left on their name in your contact list within CircleIt. This will not remove them from your phone’s contact list.

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