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The CircleIt Story

The journey of CircleIt started out of a father’s love and a desire to be there for his family, long after he was gone.

Founder Art Shaikh was so inspired by his father’s actions before his passing that it moved him to develop this new technology.

Art’s father had given him this box filled with family movies, hand-written cards and old photographs and he asked Art to deliver these to family members on his behalf once he was no longer alive. At the time his father was healthy. He was just preparing for the future, but a year later, Art’s father unexpectedly passed away.

Since then, Art has delivered countless hand-written cards for family birthdays and graduations. He sends flowers to his mom on his parent’s anniversary. There’s even a handmade card with money stuffed inside that his father requested to be delivered to his granddaughter on her wedding day. Art’s father wanted to continue to be there for his family… long after he was gone.

CircleIt was built so that members could send cards to any future date, store old home movies, record voice messages, share vintage family photos and even order physical gifts – all to be delivered at just the right moment in time. Even after you’re gone.

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