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A trusted service that helps you send cards and gifts to loved ones for any future date or life milestone even long after you're gone.

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How It Works

CircleIt is a technology which allows you to chat, build your family tree and send cards to loved ones for free. We are unlike any technology that exists today. CircleIt allows you to create and send cards to your loved ones that will magically unlock, days, years or decades from now.

Preserving your legacy for your future generations is easy with CircleIt. As you connect with your loved ones, we begin building your family tree. We'll help you tell your story which then becomes a treasured heirloom for your future generations.

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What We Offer

Cards and Gifts

Cards & Gifts

Send cards to loved ones now that can be delivered to any future date or milestone. Select a card, pick a date or event, and personalize it with your own written, audio or video message.

Family Tree

Family Tree

Preserve your legacy for future generations by using the free Family Tree feature. Simply connect with your family and friends, define your relationship, and CircleIt does the rest.



CircleIt enables you to privately and securely chat with your loved ones for free. Either chat in real time or schedule a message to arrive for any future date, occasion or milestone.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

CircleIt is constantly innovating and bringing new features to our patented technology. Check here for updates about what new exciting features & products we will be releasing.


What Our Users Say

Mariella Sue
Five Stars

If you have family members suffering from Alzheimer's then you need to download this incredible app. I am using it to record messages to my kids, sharing the best moments of my life with them. I want my children to know how much I have loved being their mom, and now I can.

Kenny Garrison
Five Stars
Kenny Garrison

I am always forgetting to get cards and flowers for important days. My buddy showed me this app and I used it to set up delivery of a card and flowers for every Valentine’s Day and anniversary for the next 20 years. I’m not sleeping on the couch EVER again, thanks to CircleIt

Camille Kraven
Five Stars
Camille Kraven

My mom passed away last year, but on my birthday this year, I got a notification on my birthday that a card had arrived from her…She sent me a beautiful card with a recorded video and scheduled it to arrive and unlock on my birthday this year. I was so moved. Thank you for giving me one more moment with my mom.

Dylan Rodgers
Five Stars
Dylan Rodgers

I set up cards to be delivered to my wife and kids for their birthdays and holidays every year. That way, even if I’m not here, they’ll still know that I love them and am thinking of them.

Simone Simmons
Five Stars
Simone Simmons

My granddaughter loves spending time in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking. So I am using CircleIt to put all my recipes together for her and scheduling them to be sent to her when she’s old enough to cook on her own, which will be about 10 years ago.

Bill Bertucci
Five Stars

It’s very simple to use! I just had to pick out a card for my grandson, write a message to him, pick the occasion, and they guarantee the delivery. I’m not real tech savvy but I can use this app easily!

Our Journey

The Idea
of CircleIt was born.
for generational platform.
Beta Version
launched globally.
Series A
$7.32M in funding.
5.2M Users
in 175 countries.

The CircleIt Story

CircleIt's founder Art Shaikh’s father gave him a box filled with family movies, hand-written cards and old photographs and he asked Art to deliver these to family members on his behalf once he was no longer alive.

When his father passed away unexpectedly, Art thought about how no one would be able to take on this task if something were to happen to him. So he set about creating a solution to carry out his father’s mission: to be there for his family long after he was gone.

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