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September 28, 2022

Connect Across Generations With Future Messages

Future messages might seem like something from a science fiction novel, but they are very real and CircleIt delivers them in many ways. Learn how our future messaging capability helps families stay connected to their past and their future.

Nicholas is a 15 year-old high school sophomore. He plays sports, gets good grades, and has dreams of becoming a lawyer one day. Nicholas, or Nick as his friends call him, plays baseball and football, just like his father did in school. He wants to become a lawyer because his grandfather and great-grandfather were both attorneys.

When Nick gets ready to graduate law school, he’ll have videos congratulating him from both his grandfather and great-grandfather, even though his great-grandfather passed away in January of this year, and his grandfather is battling cancer and may not make it to Nick’s law school graduation in 10 years.

How is this possible? With the magic of future messages from CircleIt.

Creating a Message Today That Will Arrive in the Future

Nick’s parents, Tom and Sarah, downloaded CircleIt in 2020, and decided to help their whole family sign up. The reason? They wanted their young son Nicholas to know more about his ancestors. They started using the technology to hold private group chats among the family, because Tom is a data security expert, and he knows that his data is always up for sale on most platforms.

“Nick uses some of the usual social media platforms, which isn’t ideal, but he’s a kid. We’re careful to monitor the activity. We wanted a tool we could use to really be family, no matter where we all are and what is happening in the world” Sarah explains. “Nick’s grandpa and great-grandpa are his heroes. So we created accounts with them and they could all chat freely. Nick would get advice on school and what he wants to do with his future from his idols. This is really something special.”

When Nick’s great-grandfather, Frank, was getting older, Tom and Sarah encouraged him to record a video for Nick’s graduation. He did. “It was a beautiful video. He told Nick how proud he was of him for following in his footsteps, and how he knew Nick would be a fantastic attorney.” Tom was so happy that HIS grandfather was able to do this for his son. “That’s when it hit me. Nick will want to see this ON his graduation day. Not before. But we were so thrilled that CircleIt created the future messaging technology to have the video delivered in a graduation card on the day Nick graduates.”

Sarah and Tom then had Nick’s grandfather, Stephen, do the same thing. “Again, another heartfelt message from one of his heroes. This time, my dad gave Nick some advice about landing his first job after school. It was really awesome, and we know Nick will love seeing this, in case my Dad isn’t able to be there on his big day.”

“I want to be there for my grandson’s big moments,” Stephen said. “Although my treatments are going well, I am in my late seventies, and time isn’t on my side either. I think what CircleIt gives me is assurance. It gives me the assurance that Nick will have something from his grandpa on a day that he’ll never forget.”

The magic of receiving a message from the future used to be relegated to the fantasies of writers like H.G. Wells and Isaac Asimov. Now, CircleIt has turned it into a reality.

How Future Messaging Works With CircleIt's Private Chat

There are two main ways you can deliver messages to the future using CircleIt. The first is our proprietary private chat platform. When you send a chat message on CircleIt, you can send it in real time as part of your conversation. But you can also schedule a message to be delivered to any future date.

For example, Nick had a big exam in his biology class. He was very nervous about it. Sarah and Tom both scheduled chat messages to arrive just before the exam, encouraging Nick and helping him calm down. “I guess I didn’t have anything to worry about, because I got an ‘A’ on the test. But it was nice that my mom and dad both thought ahead to make sure they got a chance to encourage me. We all really love using CircleIt.” Nick’s enthusiasm for the platform has been growing, as he has added his friends and cousins to his inner circle. “My cousins live all over the country. So this is a cool way for us to stay in touch without having to deal with all the stuff on social media. My friends like it too, mainly because there aren’t a bunch of ads or content that isn’t relevant.”

The use of future messages and future delivery in the CircleIt private chat platform can help in many ways. Sarah often sends Tom messages when they are top of mind, but schedules them to arrive when she knows he’ll be able to read them. “Usually, when he’s at work, his phone is constantly going off, so sometimes a text from me can get missed. I schedule important reminders, like when Nick needs to be picked up from practice, for when he is leaving the office for the day.”

Tom appreciates the future messaging capability of CircleIt as well. “I can’t tell you how many times I have missed a text and have had to run back out because we needed milk. Because I am so busy, things get missed. But not anymore.”

How Future Messaging Works With CircleIt Greeting Cards

Much like the private chat platform, CircleIt can also deliver your greeting cards to any future date and time. This is especially helpful when you’re a planner, like Sarah. “Growing up, my mom always sent out Christmas cards to everyone. She’d buy a big box of cards and write them all out by hand, and then mail all of them. It always seemed like a lot of work! CircleIt lets me do that digitally. I can send free greeting cards to our entire family, and these cards are super easy to customize.”

As we mentioned earlier, Nick has two greeting cards waiting for him when he graduates from law school in ten years. However, the future delivery of greeting cards doesn’t always have to be so far out.

“We were running late for an anniversary party,” Tom explains. “So we had a gift and a dish to pass, but we got about halfway there and realized that we forgot the card. So Sarah opens up CircleIt, we created a cool little video in the anniversary card, and scheduled it to show up for our friends when the party started.” Even if you’re not a planner, CircleIt’s future messaging capability can help you.

Smart Cards are the Next Evolution in Future Messages

Coming soon to CircleIt, Smart Cards are the next wave in future messages. Not only will CircleIt guarantee delivery of a card to the future, but we will be delivering cards to future milestones, even when you don’t know the date.

Just imagine, a message to the future arriving at just the right moment in time. For Nick’s grandfather and great-grandfather, this means making sure Nick receives his graduation card on the exact date he graduates. For Nick, this means customized and personalized messages created today by his idols, arriving even though they are no longer there. Future messages give families and friends the opportunity to be there for their loved ones, no matter what.

So who would you send a future message to? Would you ensure your spouse received an anniversary card every year? Would you make sure your children always had a birthday card delivered to them, even long after you’re gone? Future messages are connecting generations in ways we never thought possible.

Try CircleIt today.