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Private Chat with CircleIt

Military grade end-to-end encryption gives you peace of mind when communicating with loved ones.

Your family’s digital privacy is our top priority at CircleIt. That’s why one of the first things we did was build military grade end-to-end encryption into our patented generational platform. Now, not only are you able to chat with loved ones, you can trust that not even CircleIt can read your messages.

The news surrounding social media would scare any parent, as private information is sold for billions of dollars, with no concern for the health or wellbeing of the user, no matter their age. We felt there was a better way, so we created it.

The generational platform is built to be there, forever. That means that no matter what happens to social media companies, CircleIt was created to be the one place where we can all be family. Privately chatting with your loved ones should be a cornerstone of any communication platform, but that isn’t always the case with other types of technology. Rather than having everyone being able to discover your family photos or information, you choose who you are connected to through your address book. You can feel safe letting your kids use the app to chat with their grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Gloria Orton, CircleIt Member
Gloria Orton
CircleIt Member
"With all of the social media companies listening to our conversations, it’s nice to have a place where we can chat as a family and not worry about ads being shown about what we were JUST talking about!"
Send Messages to the Future with CircleIt

Send messages to the future.

Sometimes we think of something, and throughout the course of the day, it is forgotten. You send a text in the morning, but the recipient is busy and it gets missed. CircleIt has you covered with the ability to deliver a message to the future.

Need to remind your spouse to pick up some milk before they get home? Simply schedule a message to arrive for them as they leave work. Want to send your son or daughter an encouraging message before their big final exam? Schedule it to arrive in the morning and they’ll get it in time.

You can send the message to ANY future date at ANY future time. Just imagine sending a message to your spouse that they can receive long after you’re gone, just letting them know that you love them.

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