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October 11, 2022

Death Tech: How CircleIt is Leading a New Industry

Death tech is a relatively new term that describes a large number of new digital products and services. Learn how CircleIt has become the top death tech company in the world.

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that life is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It also taught us that being prepared for the inevitable is important. We don’t know what happens when we die, but one thing we do know is that the ones that love us will miss us. CircleIt was built so you can be there for your loved ones, even after you’re gone. Let’s look at how CircleIt is revolutionizing the death tech industry.

What is Death Tech?

Technology has been developed to improve nearly every aspect of our lives. Revolutionary technology has changed the way we watch television, communicate with friends and family, and even how we shop. Death tech is not technology that will keep us alive longer, but rather, makes dying easier.

Much is made of technology that can help keep you healthy. New pharmaceutical products are released regularly to help battle disease. While it would be wonderful if we didn’t have to worry about cancer, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other terminal conditions, the fact is that even if disease didn’t exist, we all still eventually die. When we die, we leave our loved ones behind. They will grieve and miss us. There will be milestones in the lives of our children and grandchildren we will not get to participate in.

CircleIt was built to help us be there for our loved ones long after we’re gone. Through the different services and features CircleIt offers, you can effectively travel time and cheat death. Let’s explore some of these features and how our 5.1 million members are using them to be there for their loved ones forever.

Future Messages Allow You To Pass Away With Nothing Left Unsaid

On a normal day, you may wake up with your spouse and kiss them goodbye for the day. You head off to work and you may text a few times throughout the day. But maybe not. We all get busy in the course of day-to-day life. We forget to say the things we really want our loved ones to know. We know we love them. They know we love them. But do we say it enough?

Just imagine rushing out the door because you’re late for your big meeting. You quickly eat breakfast and rush to the office. You forgot to tell your significant other that you love them before you head out for the day. Suddenly, there is an accident. In your haste, you missed a red light. In an instant, it all ends. You forgot to tell your spouse you loved them, and now you’ll never get to say it again.

Now let’s look at it differently. You are rushing out the door because you’re late for your big meeting. You quickly eat breakfast and rush to the office. You forgot to tell your significant other that you love them before you head out for the day. However, last week you used CircleIt to record a heartfelt message to your spouse, telling them how much they mean to you. You attached this to a greeting card from the CircleIt card store, and scheduled it to arrive in a month on your anniversary.

Greeting cards are used to send future messages with CircleIt

Picture your significant other getting that message, reminding them that you love them and that they are the most important person in the world to you. This is the magic of CircleIt. The ability to be there for your family and friends even after you’re gone.

We don’t like to think about death. We avoid talking about it. However, it is a reality for all of us, and for some, it is more pressing. Those with terminal illnesses are all too aware of how short life is. Those in the military or serving as police officers and firefighters are cognizant of the fact that life can be fleeting. The COVID-19 pandemic brought this reality home for millions around the world. CircleIt was built to be the death tech solution for everyone around the world.

Smart Cards: Be There For Every Milestone, Even Those That Aren't Planned Yet

Smart Cards are a new feature coming to CircleIt in 2022. This is a revolution in the death tech industry, as it will enable you to be there for milestones and events in the future, even if you don’t know the date. How does this work?

Smart Cards use advanced technology to determine when events are going to occur in the lives of your loved ones. If you are a grandparent with an infant grandchild, and you want to be sure you are there for their wedding day, all you need to do is create a wedding card in the CircleIt greeting card store, and CircleIt takes care of the rest. You can attach a video or written message, and even a physical gift. Select the ‘smart’ option, and CircleIt will use its patented AI technology to ensure the card is delivered on the proper day.

Can you picture the impact this will have on the lives of you and your loved ones? How often do we see weddings where the bride or groom wishes a loved one could be there? This is one of the problems CircleIt is solving with our death tech innovations like Smart Cards.

Tell Your Story For Future Generations to Discover

CircleIt wants to help you preserve your legacy for generations to come. Companies like Ancestry and 23andMe have attempted to help people discover their roots through DNA testing. While this may work well for health conditions, it is not going to tell the story of your life or give your descendants any sense of their true history.

The problem with DNA is that it only gives you basic information. DNA isn’t going to tell the story of how you fought in a war, how you and your spouse met, or how you were the first person in your family to go to college.

Legacy preservation is one death tech innovation CircleIt has created.

You have a unique story and it deserves to be told. So why not just write a book? There are two problems with the current options for recording your history. These problems are present in many current solutions for problems, and one reason that death tech exists. Currently a popular gift for elderly family members is a product called Storyworth. Storyworth gives you a physical book where you can write your story down. While the book is beautiful, it suffers from two major issues: risk and time.

It is risky to tell your story in a physical book for the same reason we have been digitizing photos and videos for over a decade, and for the same reason the cloud exists. Because physical items can be lost to fires, flooding, and other problems. You could misplace the book, or it may simply end up collecting dust on a shelf in the basement forever. Your children may know about the book, but will their children? Will your great-grandchildren?

By adding your family to CircleIt, you can ensure that your story exists in a digital format on the platform forever. Because CircleIt is a private and secure technology, only those that you choose will have access to your story. You can upload documents, pictures, videos and more for future generations to discover and enjoy.

The other problem with writing a book is time. Sitting down for hours at a time to complete a book isn’t feasible for most people. CircleIt has a solution for this as well. We ask you a question a day that will be stored in your profile for your family to see when you pass away. You can skip questions that don’t pertain to you, and answer as few or many as you want at one time. This gives you the flexibility to tell your story on your time, where it will live on forever.

Digital Will: Modernizing Estate Planning

One major step everyone should take when preparing for death is estate planning. It is a crucial step to take to ensure your assets are passed down according to your wishes. So why do 67% of Americans not have a will in place? Why is this number over 90% globally? If estate planning is so important, then shouldn’t everyone have a will?

A Digital Will is an innovative death tech product powered by

The reasons for this are numerous. Many don’t want to think about death. But the bigger issues are cost and logistics. The old way of preparing a will involves going to an attorney, which can be prohibitively expensive for many. Not only must you pay for the will to be prepared, anytime you need to make a change, you will need to pay for that as well. This can cost thousands of dollars over your lifetime, which is why many wait until death is imminent to prepare their wills.

Others feel that they do not have enough assets to warrant creating a will. As we have discussed before, technology has made an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. Our banking, communications, and bills are all housed digitally. So why isn’t there a digital solution to pass these items down?

Enter digital wills, a new death tech innovation that not only covers asset management but also uses smart technology to handle the execution of your will. While you may not have the traditional assets of a will, you most likely have online banking, a digital subscription service like Netflix or Chewy, and payment accounts such as Venmo, PayPal or Cash App. What happens to these assets when you die?

A digital will from is the only truly digital estate planning tool. Rather than simply providing you with a PDF document, actually stores your information on a military-grade secure server and executes your final wishes upon death. In addition to bequeathing your assets, you can also document your funeral wishes and record individual messages to be delivered to those you select.

Death tech is a growing industry, and CircleIt is on the cutting edge. Join today and start giving yourself and your loved ones peace of mind.