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June 13, 2022

How To Never Miss an Anniversary

Never Forget Your Anniversary & Stay Out of the Dog House

In almost every TV family show, there will likely be an episode highlighting the forgetful husband who misses their wedding anniversary. This often-used cliché is popular for good reason, it assures conflict needed to fuel the series storyline. With no gift delivery, no wedding anniversary flowers, and no anniversary card, the unfortunate husband engages in extensive apologies and tries to make up for their lack of planning and their spouse is often left feeling upset and unloved.

Whether one considers themselves a forgetful husband or not, remembering a wedding anniversary can often fall by the wayside in the blur of everyday life.

Never forget your wedding anniversary with CircleIt

Forgetting your anniversary can cause a lot of hurt. Scheduling your anniversary card and flowers ahead of time with CircleIt will help In one sitting, schedule flowers ahead of time, years in advance. No more frantically calling the florist last minute or stopping by the grocery store for whatever they have on hand. By planning your wedding anniversary gifts for years to come, you can be assured your loved one will be spoiled with beautiful flowers worthy of your love.

Make your scheduled gift even more special by including a card with a personalized video message. Recount a special memory from your first date or a favorite vacation. Tell your spouse what you treasure most about them in your own words. Share a poem or quote that speaks to your love.

Add a special photo to your anniversary card. Gather photos of you both as children and pair them together. Attach candid photos from your wedding reception. Take photos of your favorite date spots and include them with your memories. All of this can be done with the CircleIt app.

If You Have Forgotten Your Wedding Anniversary, You're Not Alone

No one wants to forget an anniversary. No one wants their spouse to feel forgotten. Even the most loving spouse has the potential to forget their wedding anniversary. Avoid disappointing your loved one by scheduling your flowers and cards ahead of time. Add special personalized touches to impress your spouse. When you use CircleIt to schedule your wedding anniversary gifts ahead of time, you can be assured of a successful and heartfelt celebration of love and life shared together.

At last count, there were over sixty-one million married couples in the United States. Of these couples, one in four admit to forgetting their anniversary at least once, with men only slightly more forgetful than women. And for men and women both, memory begins to diminish around the age of thirty with the greatest decline in memory found in males over sixty. A quick Google search of "forgot wedding anniversary" will give pages upon pages of articles, advice, and ways to make amends. If you have ever forgotten your wedding anniversary, you are not alone.

Save yourself from the worry and stress of forgetting your next wedding anniversary. Plan your gift delivery in advance, for years to come, and become the hero your spouse always knew you were. Instead of scrambling around at the last minute, or forgetting altogether, now each wedding anniversary can be celebrated the way it deserves.