Who Needs a Generational Platform?

CircleIt, the world’s first and only Generational Platform, offers users a variety of ways to stay connected and preserve their legacy. But who actually NEEDS this kind of technology? We’ll explore that and more below.

CircleIt is built for everyone.

The world’s first Generational Platform was created for everyone. Now, more than ever, families are spread around the world. Technology has enabled us to spread out more freely, but CircleIt is built to bring families together. 

This is why CircleIt is deployed in nearly every country around the world. Now, parents in India with college-bound children in the United States can securely connect with them – sharing photos, videos, messages and more. A husband traveling for business can ensure his wife receives flowers on a special occasion, or even just because.

It might appear technology like this exists already, but CircleIt does so much more than keep you connected in the present.