A Generational Platform is a new concept, introduced by CircleIt. But what does that really mean? How does CircleIt differ from other apps, platforms and systems that exist? And how can a Generational Platform benefit you? Let’s explore!

It’s not social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to easily stay connected to the world at large, publicly share their lives and connect with friends and family in many ways. From following celebrities to scrolling past targeted ads, social media has evolved over the years. But will it stand the test of time?

It stretches across generations. While a Generational Platform allows members to connect to their friends and family today, it also ensures they remain connected to future generations. With numerous features encouraging the sharing and storing of candid stories, advice and treasured moments for all their family to see – those same stories, advice and moments will be forever saved for future generations to explore. Just imagine how this can enrich the lives of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren as they grow up asking those all-important questions about their family history! Now, you can ensure they hear it first-hand… right from you!

Share memories and moments that matter using CircleIt.

Private, secure and no ads, ever. CircleIt is a 100% private and secure platform, designed to keep members in touch with their true inner circle. So, no friend requests from strangers, no timelines flooded with political posts and no precious memories on display for the world to see. Plus, CircleIt doesn’t allow advertising of any kind, so your data is never sold or stored in a manner that could be compromising.

Be there for the moments that matter the most. Another way CircleIt’s Generational Platform allows members to live on for generations is through the sending of cards to the future. You can create and send your great-grandchild a card today with candid advice for their 18th birthday – in 2038. Or your spouse a meaningful card for your 50th wedding anniversary – in 2045. So you can still be present for the moments that matter the most to your loved ones, even after you’re gone.