Imagine getting a Christmas card from your father who’d passed 10 years ago, or maybe a birthday gift from your mom who recently passed away.

Serving as a central communication platform for families, the app is designed to preserve your legacy and store memories to be enjoyed by future generations.

Despite passing away years ago, this mother is still giving her kids life advice – in the form of pre-recorded videos.

Two months after her father’s death, Bailey arrived home to find a surprise bouquet of flowers on her front porch.

Every year since his death in 2012, a delivery and personalized note appear on her doorstep for Valentine’s Day and her birthday.

On Valentine’s Day, a mere 2 months after her husband’s passing, a bouquet of vibrant yellow flowers and a single red rose arrived.

When their neighbor Ken passed away in October of 2018, the Williams’ family was surprised a large bag of Christmas presents for their young daughter for the next 14 years.