On Father’s Day of 2014, as millions of families around the world prepared to celebrate the patriarch of their family, an 8-year-old boy from the U.K. named Gino Valentine wished his dad a Happy Father’s Day in a very different way — he visited his grave.

Gino’s father, Daryl Valentine, died in 2010 and Gino has been visiting his grave with his mother, Gayle, ever since. As he does every Father’s Day, Gino was bringing with him a handmade card to leave at his father’s grave.

But this year was different. As he walked up to the grave and set down his Father’s Day card, Gino’s mom Gayle spotted something new — it was a letter, sealed in a white envelope and addressed to Gino. Gayle urged Gino to read the letter aloud.

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In it, Dad sends lots of love to little Gino and the rest of the family, and assures him that if he could come back to see them, he would; but unfortunately that’s against the rules of Heaven. So instead, he managed to sneak this letter down for his sweet son. Dad sweetly tells Gino how he watches over everything — from the good to the bad — and thinks Gino’s doing just wonderfully (aside from those bad words he lets slip every now and again).

Gino tragically lost his father when he was just three-years-old, and his mother decided to ease the little boy’s grief by writing this letter. It’s what she believed his father would’ve said to him on Father’s Day.

Read Gino’s full letter below: