Rafi Sayyed, CircleIt


Head of Technology

Rafi uses his 20+ years of experience to build, nurture and lead a high-performing team of like-minded developers that have spent countless hours bringing CircleIt to life. Not only does he ensure our platform is totally reliable and secure – he also plays a major role in the ideation, development and implementation of our growing list of exciting new features. Rafi is a true team player and loves to roll up his sleeves and dive right in to help troubleshoot and solve any obstacle that’s thrown his way.


Head of DevOps + Commerce

Sami thrives under pressure and can easily handle driving multiple projects at once with strong attention to detail and problem solving capabilities. Throughout his 20+ years, he’s honed his ability to help develop, analyze and integrate complex technical solutions – and it’s put to great use here at CircleIt. Sami works closely with Rafi and the entire tech team to ensure that all eCommerce initiatives remain on track and on schedule with as few speed bumps as possible.


Head of HR, Operations + Alliances

Ori is a master organizer and excels under pressure, often while juggling multiple responsibilities. She’s a people person and puts her interpersonal skills to great use here at CircleIt. Ori always has a smile on her face while maintaining vendor relationships, company financials and internal HR needs. Her extensive experience leading diverse sales and marketing teams comes in handy on a daily basis as she works closely with the CircleIt marketing team. Ori really is the backbone of the CircleIt team and is always willing to lend a hand – no matter the need.

Share and store media for generations.

Build a virtual time capsule with photos, videos and voice recordings documenting your family history to share with your extended family.

• 100% private, safe and secure
• Share with family and friends near and far
• Preserve your legacy for future generations

Send a card to any future date.

When you send a card, it’s locked until the exact date and time you select. Once it’s unlocked, your recipient gets notified and your card can be opened and enjoyed.

• Schedule anniversary cards years in advance
• Create and send Christmas cards in August
• Be there for birthday’s even after you’re gone

Redefining what in-app chat can do.

Securely chat with your loved ones near and far. The best part? Just like our cards, you can schedule chat messages to be delivered to any future date.

• Schedule quick reminders for your spouse
• Plan a series of well-wishes to your college-bound kids
• Set group reminders for your extended family

Send physical gifts with a digital twist.

Schedule the future delivery of flowers, gift baskets and balloons to help your loved one celebrate any milestone, occasion or holiday – even after you’re gone.

• Plan anniversary flower deliveries years in advance
• Never miss celebrating a special occasion again
• Schedule reminders of your love for when you’re no longer here

A family tree to reach across generations.

As you connect on CircleIt, our patented technology builds your family tree enriched with memories, stories and wisdom for future generations to treasure.

• Add a newborn member to your family tree
• Create memorialized profiles for your ancestors
• Personalized memories shared and stored for future generations

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