Owen Williams and his wife moved into their Wales home in early 2015 and became fast friends with their elderly neighbor, widower Ken Watson. When they had their daughter, Cadi, a short year later – Ken truly embraced the new role of a grandfatherly figure to the growing family.

According to Barry & District News, Ken was a retired commercial deep sea diver and eagerly filled his time inspiring the people around him. He often visited the Owen residence bearing gifts for Cadi.

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Ken Watson’s generosity during the holidays gave this young girl a surprise for 14 years.

When Ken passed away in October of 2018, Owen and Caroline Williams were surprised by a visit from Ken Watson’s daughter just a few short days later. She appeared at their door holding a large bag full of Christmas presents for Cadi for the next 14 years, the BBC reported.

“It’s difficult describing it because it was so unexpected. I don’t know how long he put them away whether it was over the last two years or whether he bought them towards the end of his life.”

– Owen Williams