New generational platform allows family members to send messages after they’re gone.

CircleIt Founder and CEO Art Shaikh sat down with Good Day Chicago’s Sylvia Perez to talk about the story behind CircleIt, who (and what) inspired the development of the platform and what members have been saying about this game-changer of an app.

CircleIt has been in the press lately touching on the platform’s groundbreaking features and reaching new milestones.

A new app that lets you set up special deliveries decades into the future leaving a trail of gifts and memories for your loved ones long after you’re gone. This futuristic technology will make sure you’ll never forget someone’s birthday and other special events by sending greetings to them even after you’re long gone.

Sylvia Perez: I have to admit this sounds very interesting. And I want you to explain how this concept works. And what gave you this idea?

Art Shaikh: The technology comes from a very personal angle. Back in 2011, before my father passed away, he wrote letters and cards and gifts and asked me to do things for him on his behalf in the future. So it was things like deliver a card to my mom on her birthday or a card to my niece when she gets married. So a lot of that things that he had given me to do – 8, 6, 7 years later – I was still doing it until I really realized how unreliable this process of me being in the middle is and how risky is if I’m no longer there. How does all that happen? So I worked for a technology company called Salesforce and knew a lot about technology and how things work. And I decided at that point I needed to build CircleIt.