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Preserve your legacy by completing your profile for future generations to discover their roots.

Preserving your legacy is easy with CircleIt. We all remember sitting around the dinner table as grandma and grandpa told us the story of how they met. Or how our uncles and aunts survived through a war. The real important knowledge of our past is not buried deep in our genetics, but lives in the stories, traditions and wisdom of our ancestors.

As soon as you join CircleIt and connect with your loved ones, we begin helping you create your family tree. When you connect with someone, you’ll be asked to define your relationship. Once you have done this, you will see them added to your family tree map. As you build your profile, your family members and friends will be able to learn more about you.

After you pass away, your profile will be memorialized, where your future generations can come and learn about your life story. Imagine your great-great grandchild coming to learn about your history and discovering the secret family recipe for pasta sauce.

Jane D'Angelo, CircleIt Member
Jane D'Angelo
CircleIt Member
"Our family history is important to us. We want to be sure that our future generations know their roots, and that’s why this app is perfect for us."
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Easily tell your story to create a rich memoir of your life.

Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe you fought in the war. Maybe you won an award for your special chili recipe. Maybe you and your spouse have some funny stories about your early days of dating.

The problem is, no one has time to sit down and write a book. But, everyone can answer one question a day. That’s how you build your story on CircleIt. Simply answer one prompt a day, and in a short time, you’ll have a full story for your ancestors to discover and read. You can answer as many or as few questions as you want. The more questions you answer, the more your family will learn.

You can never overvalue the story of your life. CircleIt gives you a free opportunity to share this with your family now, and for generations to come.

**My Story coming soon in 2022**

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