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As a new and innovative technology, CircleIt is constantly working on new features for our technology. You can check back here or follow us on social media to learn about upcoming releases. Some of the new and exciting features we have planned in the near future include:

Sending Gifts with CircleIt

Child Account

We all want our children to be connected to their relatives. Grandparents and children share a priceless bond. We also want our children protected from a dangerous world. That’s why we designed the Child Account. You, as a parent, create an account for your child, and add only those you want to be able to connect. So grandparents can create cards and messages and send gifts to your child that will be available when you turn the account over to your child.

Just imagine the joy kids will have in opening cards and messages from their grandparents or other relatives that were created for them early in their life.

Daily Journal with CircleIt

Smart Cards

CircleIt has always allowed members to send cards and gifts to any future date. While this is an incredible opportunity to help you be there forever, sometimes we don’t know when an event will happen. Think of your grandchild’s wedding, or your son or daughter’s retirement. With SmartCards, you don’t need to know a date in order to have a beautiful message delivered for a special occasion.

You simply pick the occasion or milestone you want to commemorate, personalize the card, and select the Smart option, and like magic, CircleIt guarantees delivery on the correct day.

Daily Journal with CircleIt

Digital Will

Part of preserving our legacy is ensuring that our afterlife wishes are fulfilled. In the past, we would visit an attorney and pick various assets that we wanted to leave behind for our various beneficiaries. In the 21st century, we all have a large digital footprint. We have online banking, cloud storage, social media, and other digital assets that need to be protected. A Digital Will gives you the control and flexibility to bequeath these assets to your loved ones. You simply fill out the information in our private and secure process and CircleIt handles the execution when you pass away, giving you peace of mind with respect to your digital assets.

Even more features will be released in the coming months. Be sure to keep an eye on this page, or follow us on social media for new feature announcements.

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