Chicago’s Afternoon News with Steve Bertrand

Bertrand: I want to introduce you to Art Shaikh. He’s got a great story about his dad when his dad was dying, he said, Art, I’ve collected these gifts that I want you to give to your family members and my family members throughout history. So when my niece gets married, whenever that will be, here’s her wedding gift – isn’t that kind of wild? And he’s turned it into a business that you can be part of. That’s coming up.

Bertrand: You’re listening to Chicago’s Afternoon News here on 720 WGN. All right, imagine getting a Christmas card from your father who’d passed 10 years ago, or maybe a birthday gift from your mom who recently passed away. It could be possible under a new business startup. Art Shaikh is the founder and CEO of CircleIt and he joins us now. Art, welcome.