Earth Day, which falls annually on April 22, was first celebrated in 1970 to raise awareness about environmental issues. It didn’t take long to launch Earth Day onto a global platform being celebrated by billions around the globe. With COVID-19 concerns still prevalent, supporters are looking for unique ways to celebrate in 2021. From cleaning out closets to back yard gardening, check out our top 7 activities you can do as a family to celebrate Earth Day!

1. Show off your green thumb.

There’s no time than the present to plant (or tend to) your very own garden. Not sure what to plant? A small herb garden is the perfect source for fresh ingredients for your favorite dishes. Not only are herbs easy to plant, maintain and harvest – but they can be very aromatic, too. Cooking isn’t your thing? You can always plant a colorful garden of flowers, a few shade-producing trees or even an indoor live succulent wall.

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2. Take a stroll.

Discover a whole new world without traveling far from your own backyard. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park and you’ll be sure to encounter oodles of different plant and animal species. Use this Native Plant Finder to find local plants that attract butterflies and bees, feed birds and support wildlife right where you live.

3. Plan a family litter clean up.

With everyone equipped with a garbage bag and latex gloves, take a walk around your neighborhood, nearby park or local business and pick up trash and debris from common areas. You’d be amazed at how quickly you fill your bag. You can even make a game of it – whoever fills their bag first wins!

4. Watch a documentary.

Rain in your forecast this Earth Day? Pop some popcorn, sit down as a family and be prepared to see the bigger picture of the world around you. There are plenty of inspiring documentaries to choose from. We recommend streaming Netflix’s Seaspiracy, A Life on Our Planet, My Octopus Teacher or Brave Blue World.

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