Some people wait until the last minute to find a birthday gift for their loved ones. Others plan special occasions months in advance. But the most planned-out gift givers schedule their deliveries years in advance, even after they’ve passed away.

This series A round is driven by CircleIt founder Art Shaikh with participation from TeleSoft Partners, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm led by Arjun Gupta, and private investor Connor Crown. To date, TeleSoft has raised over $1 billion in capital and invested in 100+ technology companies and is eager to help CircleIt soar to new heights.

CircleIt Founder and CEO Art Shaikh sat down with Good Day Chicago’s Sylvia Perez to talk about the story behind CircleIt, who (and what) inspired the development of the platform and what members have been saying about this game-changer of an app.

Art Shaikh, CircleIt Founder,  shares “today is truly a day for celebration; the technology that was inspired by my father’s gift of handmade cards left behind after his passing is now in the hands of families around the world.” Shaikh’s father passed away in 2012 and left letters, cards and gifts for him to deliver to family members on future holidays and occasions. It’s this unique sentiment that inspired Shaikh to launch CircleIt.

Imagine getting a Christmas card from your father who’d passed 10 years ago, or maybe a birthday gift from your mom who recently passed away.