CircleIt, the world’s first and only Generational Platform, gives you the ability to be there for your family, no matter what. With future delivery of gifts, Smart Cards and more, you can send love to any occasion, even when you don’t know the date.

While futuristic technology like CircleIt is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you send cards, flowers and more to your loved ones in the future, we can’t claim all the credit for the idea. Transcending the limits of time has been a human impulse and idea for centuries.

While no one is hoping to die, planning funerals and being prepared for the eventuality doesn’t have to be a drag! Leave it to Millennials to take something that has always had a sense of dread attached to it and put a new, more cheerful spin on it.

A simple phone call from mom can calm frayed nerves by sparking the release of a powerful stress-quelling hormone, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Biological anthropologist Leslie Seltzer tested a group of 7- to 12-year-old girls with an impromptu speech and series of math problems in front of a panel of strangers, sending their hearts racing and levels of cortisol – a hormone associated with stress – soaring.

A Generational Platform is a new concept, introduced by CircleIt. But what does that really mean? How does CircleIt differ from other apps, platforms and systems that exist? And how can a Generational Platform benefit you? Let’s explore!