Breast Cancer: A Diagnosis Affects More Than Just The Patient

Breast Cancer Awareness Month gives us all time to focus on helping those impacted by this deadly disease. One thing we know about breast cancer is that it does not discriminate. Young and old, rich and poor, this disease affects those of all creeds, colors, genders and lifestyles. Let’s look at some instances of how breast cancer impacts the lives of all of us.

NFL Linebacker Wears Pink to Support His Mom

To football fans, Matt Judon may seem invincible. Every Sunday, he’s seen flying up and down the field, wreaking havoc on opposing offenses for the New England Patriots.

Much like Matt causes pain for his opponents, his mom fought bravely against her own pain in a battle with breast cancer. In February 2020, Matt’s mom, Pieretta, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As the NFL uses its global presence to help increase breast cancer awareness, Matt holds this cause near and dear to his heart.

Swapping Patriot’s Red for Pink.

While he wears red sleeves under his jersey most weeks, Matt will be wearing pink to honor his mom, who is thankfully in remission. “When we say ‘real men wear pink, it’s not just out there to put on a show” Judson shared with ESPN recently.

True to a mother’s form, Pieretta was more concerned about how her diagnosis would impact her 10 children. “I was more worried about my kids than myself. With Matt being in the forefront, trying to keep him calm and not worried about me” Pieretta said “I knew I had to get through it – for myself and for them.”