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June 29, 2022

You Only Have So Much Time

We all know our time in this life is limited. As the saying goes, the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

What we do with the time we have with loved ones is important. The memories we make can last a lifetime, and with the CircleIt generational platform, they can last forever.

Some have less time than others, unfortunately. Due to illness, age or even just their line of work. For these individuals, the time they spend with their loved ones is even more precious, as they understand the limitations we are all burdened with.

So how are you using the time you have with loved ones?

How Grandparents Can Get More Time With Their Grandchildren by Sending Them Future Messages

Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren. It is not uncommon for grandparents to spoil their grandkids with gifts and special occasions that will be precious memories for the children to share as they grow up.

“My grandfather and I were essentially the best of friends. When I was a kid, my grandpa and I would play cards together, watch golf and baseball on TV, and as I grew, we would go out and play golf.” -Dave Paulson-CircleIt Member

Grandparents can use CircleIt to send cards and gifts to their grandchildren today, that will arrive on any future date Grandparents are not always around for long. Sadly, they often miss the later milestones in the lives of their grandchildren. From college graduations, to weddings, and the birth of great-grandchildren, grandparents must make the most of the time they have with their grandkids.

Police, Firefighters & Military Personnel: Peace of Mind in the Line of Duty

Some make the choice to take on careers that have inherent danger in them. A higher calling to serve can be a family legacy in itself, with generations serving their communities or countries on a profound level. For those that serve, our reverence comes from knowing that they may end up making the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of protecting the ones they love. For them, this does not seem to be a burden, however, they know that there may be a time when they don’t come home from work.

For those with children or spouses, this is the ultimate fear. Their child will spend birthdays without a parent, their spouse will be left to deal with life without their best friend, or their parents will have to bury a child. This makes the service these men and women provide even more awe-inspiring, as they carry this with them on a daily basis.

For those serving in the military, long periods of time away from loved ones can be difficult. Although it is a “part of the job”, the longing to be with family does not get any easier. Acutely aware of this, the members of the armed forces are always looking for the best ways to communicate with their loved ones.

Getting More Time With Loved Ones When You Have a Terminal Illness

A diagnosis of cancer or Alzheimer’s can be devastating to both the patient and their family and friends. When this happens fear immediately sets in. A cancer diagnosis can lead to the scary notion that you might not be there to watch your children grow up, get married and have children of their own. Every parent wants to see their child off into the world, but illness can make that impossible.

For those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, the fear can be something completely different. At first, there is the obvious fear that one will lose their memory and their behaviors will become erratic and perhaps dangerous. But the fear that those around them have is also palpable. No one wants their parents or grandparents to lose a sense of themselves. We all still want to be able to hear stories of the past, or to give our loved ones the dignity they deserve in their lives. Dementia and Alzheimer’s make that difficult.

The pain of loss starts to happen the moment these diagnoses are announced. Immediate thoughts of what will happen once a loved one passes away are not uncommon. Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, final arrangements may need to be made. It is all too common that loved ones don’t even get chances to say goodbye, let alone have the ability to be present for the moments that matter most to their loved ones.

The Gift of Being There Forever

Knowing that our time is limited, and in some cases, more limited than previously known, it begs the question: What if a technology existed that could help you be there for your loved ones now, and in the future?

CircleIt is the generational platform built to do exactly this. Every feature CircleIt includes is built to help you be there for your loved ones. A grandparent can create a card today that can be scheduled to arrive on any future date. Just imagine your grandchild receiving a birthday card from you 30 years in the future. So many of us would love to have one more moment with a loved one that has passed away, and now, we can.

A parent with cancer can create cards for their children to be delivered when major milestones occur. Just think of opening a card from your mom or dad at your wedding after they have passed on. This message was created for you 20 years prior, but is delivered to you at exactly the right moment.

Family legacies can be preserved with the CircleIt Family Tree. Your profile will be accessible so future generations can come learn about your life and their history. Unlike genealogy companies, we believe you don’t need DNA to know your heritage. It is contained in the memories, wisdom, and stories that are passed down through generations.

The joy of CircleIt is connecting generations, making time a non-factor. So while you may have limited time, you also now have the ability to be there when it matters most for the people that matter most to you.