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February 8, 2022

True Love Lives On With Gifts From Heaven


Each Valentine’s Day, couples everywhere look to share their appreciation for the ones they love. Whether it’s a flower delivery or a box of their true love’s favorite chocolates, they want their loved ones to experience their affection in a heartfelt and tangible way.

But what happens when they are no longer here to share that devotion? Debra Tenney and Tracey Cox found that with thoughtful planning by their respective husbands, a lifetime of love would continue to visit them here on Earth through gifts from heaven.


Both husbands were able to send their gift of love from above thanks to their forethought and extraordinary planning. At CircleIt we want to make planning for the future easy and accessible to everyone. By using CircleIt’s groundbreaking generational platform, there is no need to spend time researching and vetting out individual businesses. Through the simple-to-use app, everyone can continue the traditions that are unique to them and their loved ones. Send gifts, videos, photos, and voice messages years into the future, for any occasion. Share memories and personal stories and schedule their delivery, whether it is months or years later. Create personal gifts for individuals or a family group. Honor true love with anniversary cards or Valentine’s Day flowers. With just a few clicks, anyone can plan future gifts without stress and worry from the comfort of their own home.


By downloading CircleIt from the App Store or Google Play, loved ones can preschedule gifts and cards like Randy and Rich without the worry of individual shops going out of business or letters being lost in the mail. CircleIt assures these gifts from heaven are delivered on time for any day that deserves to be remembered, whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or Valentine’s Day. And unlike a traditional gift delivery, messages can be changed and edited from the comfort and privacy of home at any time. Just like Debra’s and Tracey’s husbands, you can plan to provide love and comfort to your spouse on important days throughout the year without worrying whether your gift or letter will be delivered. Grandparents can plan ahead for important milestones in their grandchildren’s lives knowing their memory will be a part of the event. Parents can send video memories for their children to open on their future wedding day, even while they are still toddlers. No matter what the future may hold, CircleIt allows you to be present in spirit at all of life’s important moments. Much like CircleIt allows users to send gifts from beyond the grave, Tracy Cox received flowers from her husband Rich

True Love Is Eternal

Each card created can be locked to be opened at a specific future date and time. Send personalized cards and videos directly to family and loved ones within our secure and private app. With CircleIt, personal information is shared only for billing purposes and with service providers for gifting. Contacts are kept private and there are no ads collecting personal information in the background. Sending notes to the ones we love is a personal and emotional experience and should be treated that way. Each note, message, or video is kept private and shared only with the intended recipient on the day and time you specified. CircleIt provides a secure and worry-free way to plan future giving and preserve memories.

Imagine beloved grandparents offering their love and support to their grandchildren after they are gone. Those suffering from memory loss are able to preserve their favorite personal stories and anecdotes for their loved ones to relive. Loved ones with terminal illnesses like Randy and Rich are able to acknowledge milestones and holidays from above. By choosing to use a generational platform such as CircleIt, gifts and memories can be scheduled and preserved for generations for anyone in the family with whom you choose to connect.

Debra Tenny and Tracey Cox are fortunate their husbands were able to create a lasting legacy of love before they passed. Through future giving, Randy and Rich are with them in spirit and live on through their gifts from heaven. With each future gift, Debra and Tracey experience the meaning of true love in their husbands’ never-ending devotion. Randy and Rich had to create their after-life giving on their own. Thanks to CircleIt’s unique generational platform, anyone can create their own unique gift of love and memories. Now everyone can be a part of important life moments and share their love and support with their loved ones, even once they have left this world behind.