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December 10, 2021

Send Holiday Flowers With CircleIt


Traditional Christmas Holiday Flowers

The flower most closely associated with Christmas is the poinsettia. The flower is native to Mexico, and played a major role in Aztec culture. These gorgeous holiday flowers became more widely known due to the influence of the very first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett (hence the name).

Poinsett had several greenhouses on his land in South Carolina, and in 1828, started sending some of these gorgeous flowers to his greenhouses. He then would give them out as gifts to friends and family throughout the year. One friend, Robert Buist, started selling the flowers at a large floral exposition show in Philadelphia in 1902. Because of the show’s proximity to Christmas, these flowers were given as gifts, and the tradition became more widespread.

Mexican folklore tells the tale of a poor young girl named Pepita. Pepita had no gift to bring to the Christmas celebration at her church. Pepita’s cousin, Pedro, told her that any gift, no matter the size, would make Jesus happy. Legend has it that Pepita picked weeds and arranged them as well as she could. As she laid these weeds at the altar, they blossomed into beautiful red flowers, which are today known as poinsettias.

Today, poinsettias are given around the world as a gift during the Christmas season. They are known as the traditional flower of the holiday, and can easily be bought and delivered in the CircleIt flower store.

Traditional Flowers For Hannukah

While Hanukkah does not have an “official” holiday flower, the holiday does have traditional colors, and these can be used to select a wonderful floral arrangement. The colors of blue and white give you several options to choose from when it comes to flowers that will make friends and family happy during the Festival of Lights.

Most people select lilies to be included in Hanukkah bouquets, as the lily is symbolic in Jewish culture. However, many florists agree that white roses and carnations are also acceptable in a Hanukkah floral arrangement. To get the right blue in your arrangement, Blue Delphiniums or Hydrangea are recommended by most experts.

You can find excellent Hanukkah floral arrangements in the CircleIt flower store in your app. Be sure to download it today, if you haven’t already, to ensure your flowers arrive on time.

Celebrate Kwanzaa With Flowers From CircleIt

Flowers do not have as strong of a relationship to Kwanzaa as they do other holidays, however, there are beautiful ways to use flowers during the holiday and still keep tradition. Flowers can be used in the display of the Kinara (candle holder). These candles are in the holiday colors of green, red, and black, and so an arrangement that follows this pattern is recommended.

Kwanzaa was first celebrated in 1966, and has grown in popularity among African-Americans ever since. Unlike Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa is not tied to a religion, but is a cultural celebration. Kwanzaa is derived from a Swahili phrase meaning “first fruits”, so floral arrangements around the Kinara typically include fruits such as bananas, mangoes, peaches, plantains, and oranges. Selecting a floral arrangement heavy in green and red, with some black accents would be a lovely addition to the Kinara, and then add your symbolic fruits as well.

Flowers that would complement your Kwanzaa celebration are also available in the CircleIt flower store. Shop now and ensure delivery by December 26th so you can enjoy them for the entire holiday.

You Can Celebrate Holidays With Cards & Gifts From CircleIt

No matter what holidays you celebrate, CircleIt has the perfect floral arrangement. Cards and flowers can be sent days, weeks, months, or years in advance. Just imagine sending your granddaughter a gorgeous arrangement for Hannukah, or a special accent bouquet for the Kwanzaa Kinara.

While we are all limited by time, CircleIt, the world’s first and only Generational Platform, enables you to transcend time. Cards and gifts can be delivered to any future date with the use of our patented SmartCard technology.

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