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September 19, 2022

SaaS Fuel Podcast Features Art Shaikh

Founder & CEO of CircleIt, Art Shaikh, was a guest on the SaaS Fuel podcast.

In this episode of SaaS Fuel, host Jeff Mains talks to Art Shaikh about the founding of CircleIt, what the mission is, and how the company is growing. You can hear the unique story of how CircleIt was founded, why Art considered himself an "accidental founder", and how the purpose of CircleIt has grown in importance.

How CircleIt Sends Future Messages & Greeting Cards On Your Behalf

One of Jeff's questions spoke to the future messaging capability of CircleIt, and how the technology can guarantee delivery to events that we don't even know the date for. Art explains how the patented technology in the CircleIt app can learn to deliver greeting cards to your loved ones in the future.

It is one thing to have greeting cards sent to known future dates, such as birthdays or holidays, but for a grandparent to create a card today for their unborn grandchild's college graduation is the true magic of CircleIt's Smart Card technology. Art also discussed the global appeal of CircleIt's technology and mission. The desire to be there for your loved ones is something that transcends geographic boundaries.

CircleIt Is A Leader In Data Privacy

The topic of data came up during the episode as well. Jeff was blown away that CircleIt is 100% free to use, but refuses to sell user data or show ads in the app. "We kept the platform free and private, and refused to sell ads, because this wasn't necessarily built with a revenue generation model to begin with."

On the topic of upcoming features, Art was able to tell Jeff about CircleIt Child Accounts, which are being released soon. The issues of data privacy and data security are especially important when it comes to kids online, and CircleIt assigns the utmost importance to your data privacy.

Other Features of the CircleIt Generational Platform

New features were a popular discussion topic. Jeff had asked Art about the new features being released, such as the Child Account and Smart Cards. Smart Cards are a new way of creating greeting cards for your loved ones to be delivered to any future milestone, even if the date is not yet known. For example, you do not know when your 2 year-old grandchild will get married. But you do know you want to be there. Smart Cards will be programmed to be delivered to your grandchild on their wedding day using smart and predictive technology.

Being there for your loved ones in the future is something we all want, but it isn't always a guarantee that we will be there. Illness, age, and other factors can cause us to be here one moment and gone in the next. Smart Cards will give your future generations that special feeling of you being there, no matter what.

CircleIt, and Death Tech

One point of the conversation steered toward the death tech industry, which has been growing rapidly since 2009. and CircleIt fit nicely into this niche, as more and more people are attempting to prepare for the future. This was made even more evident by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 6.5 million people passing away globally.

As Art explained to Jeff, the growth of the death tech industry has been spurred by Millenials, who are seen as the first-ever death positive generation. This means that rather than avoiding the notion or concept of death, Millenials are talking about it openly and accepting it. In many cases, they are planning ahead for it, so they don't burden loved ones with exorbitant funeral costs. is there for them to plan their funerals in advance and also gives them the peace of mind that their loved ones won't be scrambling to find passwords and other information after they die. CircleIt gives members the ability to be there, forever, even long after they're gone. By sending future messages and other media, members are expressing their love in new and exciting ways. This is the future of death tech.

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