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August 11, 2022

How Future Messages Help Grandparents Stay Connected

A sad reality for many these days is the geographic distance between families. Long ago, many families lived in the same neighborhoods. Now, they barely live in the same state. How can grandparents stay connected to their grandchildren?

Grandparents play a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. Grandparents are usually sources of wisdom, fun, and love that children cherish. However, in our modern world, circumstances can keep grandkids away from their grandparents for long periods of time. So how can new technology like CircleIt help keep generations connected with one another?

Greeting cards help us communicate with one another in meaningful and beautiful ways. For centuries, the notes inside greeting cards have helped spread love, encouragement, and even laughs. Kids of almost any age can recount receiving cards from their grandparents for special occasions, or even just because.

CircleIt has brought the greeting card industry into the 21st century by introducing the concept of future delivery. Now, a grandmother can open CircleIt on her phone, select one of hundreds of beautiful cards, personalize it with a message or video, and schedule it to arrive in 20 years to her grandson or granddaughter. Just picture the joy you would have if you received a card today from your grandmother that was prepared 20 years ago for a special occasion.

Future messages can be sent in the form of greeting cards, delivered to any future date or future milestone. Wedding cards, graduation cards, birthday cards, and more.

Grandparents can also attach physical flowers and gifts to the cards they send their grandchildren. Receiving a bouquet of flowers for graduation or a wedding can be a special way that grandparents can express their love for their grandchildren – even after they’ve passed away.

And soon, you’ll even be able to send messages to your future unborn grandchildren with the CircleIt Child Account.

Private Chat With Your Grandchildren on CircleIt

Family communications shouldn’t be sold to advertisers. That’s why CircleIt built a completely private and secure chat platform. Functioning the same as a tool like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, text messages can be exchanged between grandparents and grandchildren. But what makes CircleIt unique?

Unlike the parent company of WhatsApp and Facebook, CircleIt has military-grade end-to-end encryption built into it, guaranteeing that no one, not even CircleIt, can read the contents of your messages. If your grandchild wants to send you a heartfelt message, or you want to give them some advice about a problem they are facing, you can rest assured it will stay where it belongs: in the family.

The most important thing about the privacy guaranteed by CircleIt is that it doesn’t stop at encryption. CircleIt is also not in the data brokering business. This means that while other tech companies are selling user’s data for billions in advertising revenue, CircleIt is keeping your data safe and secure from both hackers and advertisers, because family communication is priceless.

Unlike Whatsapp, CircleIt does not sell your communication data to advertisers. Unlike Facetime, CircleIt allows you to record video conversations to preserve memories for future generations.

Another unique aspect of the CircleIt private chat feature is our video and voice calling feature, releasing soon. This video and voice calling feature allows the conversation to be recorded and saved. How many of us would have loved to remember that joke Grandpa told us, or the prayers we would say with our Grandmother before bed time. With this new and innovative video and voice calling feature, you can preserve these special moments for future generations with ease.

Connecting Across Generations

Getting more time with grandchildren is not always easy. In addition to the geographic challenges we mentioned above, the issue of time is also a factor. Because time is so limited, CircleIt wanted to figure out how to help grandparents be there for their grandchildren, even after they’re gone.

That is why we developed the future messaging and future delivery feature in CircleIt. Instead of having to wait for the mail, and HOPE a card arrives on time, you can ensure your cards are delivered exactly when you want them to be, even years and decades into the future.

Just imagine you have a 2 year old granddaughter and you want to be able to send her a birthday card on her 21st birthday. You may not be there for that special day, and she will be missing her grandparent. However, you can create that card today, personalize it with a message, and schedule it to arrive on her 21st birthday. No other technology gives you this ability, and no other company is enabling you to do this for free. This is the magic behind CircleIt. We are helping you transcend time and avoid the barriers put up by traditional forms of communication.

Keep your family connected no matter where you are or what year it is. Download CircleIt and add your family to your inner circle today.