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June 21, 2022

Do You Know The Healthy Alternative To Social Media?

CircleIt Founder & CEO Art Shaikh was interviewed by Australia’s Kalkine Media to discuss the generational platform and how it protects the data of members.

Kalkine Media, a leading business news organization from Australia reached out to interview CircleIt’s Founder and CEO, Art Shaikh about data privacy and how CircleIt is truly the healthy alternative to social media.

What Does CircleIt Do?

As Shaikh explained to Kalkine, CircleIt is a free platform that enables members to send cards and gifts to any future date or for any future life milestone. So a grandfather can create and personalize a card today that he can schedule to be sent for his granddaughter’s wedding, or a mother with cancer can ensure that her children receive personalized cards for the births of their children.

“CircleIt’s mission is to help people be there for their loved ones now or anytime in the future”

CircleIt card store-send greeting cards to loved ones for any future date or milestone

The idea of “being there” was expanded from cards and gifts to being there forever with the introduction of the Family Tree. The profile on the modern family tree serves as a way for you to tell your story for your future generations to learn from. You will likewise be able to learn more about your ancestors from their profile.

Where Did the Idea of CircleIt Come From

CircleIt founder Art Shaikh described how CircleIt was built out of the loving actions taken by his father in 2011. “In 2011 my father gave me a box of handwritten cards with instructions to follow when he passed away. In 2012, my father unexpectedly passed away and I was left to carry out his wishes.”

Founder & CEO Art Shaikh's father was the inspiration behind CircleIt

In talking with friends and family, Art realized this was a problem nearly everyone experienced. It was this realization that nudged Art to get work. He knew the world needed a technology to solve this problem of wanting to be there for our loved ones in the future, no matter what happens.

Who Uses CircleIt?

When Kalkine Media news anchor Sage Godrei asked Art Shaikh who was using CircleIt, Art discussed in detail the many different people that were utilizing the platform.

“The first ones to really adopt CircleIt were cancer patients. They understood what the technology could do for them, and how it could solve the problem of having limited time left.”

As the platform grew, the Alzheimer’s community became enamored with CircleIt. “Families dealing with this terrible disease are struggling with the loss of their loved ones memory and even their personality. So to see caregivers and others really is encouraging. The value in preserving the legacy, the stories and the wisdom of their loved ones is amplified for them.”

Police officers and military personnel were also quick to become members of CircleIt. “They live everyday with the knowledge that tomorrow is not guaranteed. For them, the thought of their kids missing them on their birthdays is very present and real.”

How is CircleIt Different From Social Media?

CircleIt is often characterized as a social media network, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reason why CircleIt is a generational platform is that it was built to be there forever. As we have seen the cycle of social media apps come and go, with Myspace being replaced by Facebook, which is currently being replaced by Instagram, which is already being replaced by TikTok, CircleIt is the one place where we can all be a family.

Another major difference between CircleIt and social media is the use of personal data. CircleIt and social media are both free to use, but social media comes with a cost. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and others all sell your personal information to advertisers and other third parties. This is the way they make their billions.

CircleIt is 100% private with no ads, ever. So the data you share with CircleIt is kept secure and only used within the CircleIt platform to enhance your experience. “I can’t even begin to count the number of companies that come to me attempting to purchase data from CircleIt,” said Shaikh. “I’m sure some investors might want me to do it, but the CircleIt guarantee is that we will remain 100% private.”

What New Features Are Coming Soon to CircleIt?

As the interview was wrapping up, Art Shaikh was asked about any new innovations that will be coming to CircleIt.

Art went on to describe Smart Cards, a revolutionary technology that will allow members to send a card for a future milestone when the date isn’t known. “For example, you can create a card for your great-grandchild’s wedding today, and CircleIt will guarantee delivery on the wedding day, even though you don’t know when that will be.”

Another innovation he discussed was the upcoming Child Account. This is an account created by a parent for their child that they can then use to invite other family members to join. Then, the family can upload media and send cards and gifts that the child will receive when the account turns into an active CircleIt account, at the parent’s discretion.

You can see the full interview in the video above, and download CircleIt today!