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July 7, 2021


CircleIt is a Futuristic Technology That Enables You To Send Messages To The Future

While futuristic technology like CircleIt is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you send cards, flowers and more to your loved ones in the future, we can’t claim all the credit for the idea. Transcending the limits of time has been a human impulse and idea for centuries. The concept has evolved over the years with scientists studying the possibility, writers spinning tales and even religion and philosophy debating the implications. It seems that there is a desire, no matter your age, to transcend time.


History is riddled with the notion of time travel, dating back to ancient myths. The Hindu Mahabharata tells the story of King Raivata Kakudmi traveling to heaven to meet a God called Bhrama. When the King returns to Earth, many ages have passed and he is in a new world. This ancient text dates back to 400 BCE and is one of the earliest mentions of the concept of time travel.

Japanese culture gives us the story of Urashima-no-ko, a young fisherman. He saves the life of a turtle and as a reward is taken to the underwater Dragon Palace. He spends 3 days there enjoying the spoils of being a hero. When he returns to the surface, he finds himself 300 years in the future.

The Jewish religion tells of the scholar Honi ha-M’agel who fell asleep for 70 years. When he awoke, he returned home from a pilgrimage only to find no one he knew. The people in his village did not believe him.

Of course, some of the most famous time travel stories come from science fiction. Possibly the most famous of these is The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. While earlier stories, such as The Clock That Went Backwards by Edward Page Mitchell, may have invented the concept of a time machine – it was Wells’ book that made the idea of a time machine popular.

Most of these stories involve travel to the future. Other tales, such as Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, involve traveling to both the past and the future as Ebenezer Scrooge sees his past mistakes and how it can lead to a woeful future. Many also discuss the concept of future messages, such as stories about messages in bottles.


Like many popular ideas, time travel has been given treatment in many mediums. In film, we have many options for reference. For a comic take on time travel, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure sees two goofy teens transported through time in a phone booth (itself a relic of the past now). Blockbuster films such as the Back To The Future series made millions of dollars, giving younger generations the opportunity to imagine traveling across time in a cool car.

One of the longest lasting film franchises takes a much darker and serious tone. The Terminator franchise depicts a world controlled by robots and machines, with time travel being the only solution to stopping the eventual demise of humanity.

It is not only fiction that has been transformed by the concept of time travel. Science has addressed the matter, and entire fields of study are devoted to getting humans to be able to travel time. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics offer different models that could theoretically allow for time travel. Of course, these are theories at present. However, the notion has been studied to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our more scientifically inclined readers may find this article from Forbes of interest.


While we haven’t quite mastered the logistics of physically transporting ourselves through time, we’ve figured out ways to have our legacy live on. We were reminded of one such way recently when diver Jennifer Dowker made an interesting discovery in the Cheboygan River in Michigan. The diver was cleaning the underside of a boat when she saw something that caught her eye. It was a glass bottle with a letter dated November 1926. Messages in bottles have been found around the world, and it speaks to the human notion of future messaging.

CircleIt has harnessed this and given it power with their patented, futuristic technology. Now, you can leave messages for loved ones to discover and read in the future, even long after you’re gone. You can send a card to your great-great grandchild for their wedding, or ensure flowers are delivered to your daughter on her wedding day, even if you don’t know the date. CircleIt has modernized the message in a bottle, enabling you to be there, even when you can’t.