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May 4, 2021


New generational platform allows family members to send messages after they’re gone


Sylvia Perez: I have to admit this sounds very interesting. And I want you to explain how this concept works. And what gave you this idea?

Art Shaikh: The technology comes from a very personal angle. Back in 2011, before my father passed away, he wrote letters and cards and gifts and asked me to do things for him on his behalf in the future. So it was things like deliver a card to my mom on her birthday or a card to my niece when she gets married. So a lot of that things that he had given me to do – 8, 6, 7 years later – I was still doing it until I really realized how unreliable this process of me being in the middle is and how risky is if I’m no longer there. How does all that happen? So I worked for a technology company called Salesforce and knew a lot about technology and how things work. And I decided at that point I needed to build CircleIt.

Sylvia Perez: I’m just getting chills from you hearing about what can be done because what a beautiful thing. But at the same time, what about all those guys who forget to send their wives birthday cards or flowers? And you’re going to save them, aren’t you?

Art Shaikh: Yes, absolutely. I mean, one of our things is never miss a moment. So I mean, we see on our technology husbands creating Valentine’s Day cards for their wives four years from now, because 30 years from now, the value of the card or a recorded message to a loved one is so much more valuable than any card you can go get from Walgreens.

Sylvia Perez: That is so true. What is the most beautiful memory that someone has done through CircleIt that you can share with us?

Art Shaikh: I can tell you about a mom who’s battling cancer. And with God’s grace, everything is moving in good direction. But when she first started using CircleIt, she used it to create cards and deliver advice to her daughter during different future stages of her daughters life. And that that gesture I mean, it’s something that I see all across the board. People use it for many different reasons. It’s a fun thing to do. And it’s also a way to preserve things for future generations.

Sylvia Perez: Absolutely wonderful. All right, Art Shaikh with CircleIt. It’s if people would like more information. Very fun to talk to you. What a great idea. Thanks for joining me this morning and sharing.