Be There, Even After You’re Gone, with CircleIt

CircleIt, the world’s first and only Generational Platform, gives you the ability to be there for your family, no matter what. With future delivery of gifts, SmartCards and more, you can send love to any occasion, even when you don’t know the date.

Love is eternal. The love between husband and wife, parent and child and among siblings is so powerful that it can survive the test of time – and beyond. We all expect to live a long life – soaking up all that life has to offer, growing old gracefully and celebrating countless milestones with our family. But all too often tragedy can strike – and we don’t get the opportunity to be there for those moments that matter most.

But, what if you could still be there… for everything? Our patented SmartCard technology allows members to be there for weddings, graduations, births and more – without knowing the date. Schedule a card today to be sent to your granddaughter’s wedding 20+ years in the future, or a video message to your first-born grandson – to be opened long after you’re gone. CircleIt offers members the ability to send reminders of their love to family and friends from beyond the grave. And, better yet, we made it super easy.

Cards That Deliver When the Moment is Right

The true magic of a generational platform is most evident with CircleIt’s SmartCard technology. Imagine a parent, dreaming of their child’s wedding since the moment they were born, diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, dementia or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). As their disease progresses, they recognize that they may not be there to celebrate the milestone with their child. So they plan ahead – and plan the sending of meaningful reminders of their love to their family for the coming years after their death.

SmartCards are CircleIt’s patented solution to this all-too-common problem. We created a means for family members to help their loved ones celebrate future milestones from beyond the grave. Members create a card, attach photos, videos or voice recordings and our machine learning ensures it’s delivered. There’s no need to specify a delivery date, just the event type (wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.), and our technology will decipher exactly when the future event is scheduled and deliver your card and media. So, your loved one will receive an eternal reminder of your love at just the right time.

Imagine the possibilities. Imagine being able to schedule a card to your great-grandchild to help celebrate their college graduation, recording your favorite nursery rhyme for your first grandchild or sending anniversary cards to your spouse for the next 20 years – you can do it all with a personalized SmartCard. Our goal is to help you be there, even after you’re gone.