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Fox 32 Good Day Chicago Interview

CircleIt Founder and CEO Art Shaikh sat down with Good Day Chicago’s Sylvia Perez to talk about the story behind CircleIt, who (and what) inspired the development of the platform and what members have been saying about this game-changer of an app.

What exactly is a Generational Platform?

A Generational Platform is a new concept, introduced by CircleIt. But what does that really mean? How does CircleIt differ from other apps, platforms and systems that exist? And how can a Generational Platform benefit you? Let’s explore!

Mom Connects Past, Present & Future With New Technology

Last month, Lauren sat down with us to share her experiences using CircleIt and what it means to her and her family. Lauren is born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and an avid believer in the importance of preserving family history. She uses CircleIt to preserve special moments in her children’s lives and encourages her extended family to capture historic moments and candid stories to be saved for future generations.

Matt Goodman’s Rite of Passage

Sharing a 21st birthday beer with your father is a rite of passage for most American youth. But what if your father has passed away before your 21st birthday arrives? For Matt Goodman, the rite of passage seemed impossible. His father passed away in 2014, when Matt was only 15 years old.

CircleIt Reaches 1 Million Global Downloads

Art Shaikh, CircleIt Founder,  shares “today is truly a day for celebration; the technology that was inspired by my father’s gift of handmade cards left behind after his passing is now in the hands of families around the world.” Shaikh’s father passed away in 2012 and left letters, cards and gifts for him to deliver to family members on future holidays and occasions. It’s this unique sentiment that inspired Shaikh to launch CircleIt.