Create a digital baby book with CircleIt

For a lot of families, creating a safe place to record and store all the treasured memories of their child as they’re growing up is very important. Being able to access recorded details and memories when your child is all grown up is like taking a much-needed walk down memory lane. Plus, there’s no doubt your child will love looking back at those precious details about themselves and learning just how loved they really are.

But, what kind of information should you record? What type of things should you include? And what stories will be treasured for generations?

The important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong answers to those questions. You should focus on recording and treasuring the things most important to you!

1. Photo of your pregnancy test

For most families, a pregnancy test is the start of their baby journey. So, capturing that moment and all the emotion that goes with it seems like the perfect place to start. We suggest snapping a photo of you or you and your partner with the positive pregnancy test to include in your baby book.

2. Ultrasound pictures

It’s incredible how modern technology allows you to see a baby  growing and moving inside of you. Nowadays, you can request a disk containing high-resolution photos and videos of your ultrasound. They’re the perfect thing to include in your book and treasure that moment for years to come.

CircleIt is the Future of Memories

3. Pregnancy photographs

From monthly progress photos to elaborate maternity shoots, getting photos taken during your pregnancy is nothing new. It’s often a celebrated rite of passage as well as a treasured keepsake for years to come. What better way to spark memories of your pregnancy and share those special moments with your child as they get older and ask to hear stories from when you were pregnant with them.

4. Baby shower memories

From guessing games to gender reveals – baby showers have become a staple milestone in pregnancy journeys. Recording those that attended, games played, gifts received and funny stories can easily be preserved to enjoy years in the future. Sharing those special moments with your child as they get older is a great bonding experience.